Agellan Capital | Acquisition Process
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Acquisition Process

Agellan’s core investment philosophy and guiding principals have not materially changed through time, but due to the dynamic nature of the real estate business, certain principles may have, more or less, importance in the overall investment process from time to time.

Screening Investment Opportunities
  • Agellan has developed a 7 step system to screen investment opportunities and we follow this template on all potential acquisitions. Critical components in our approach include: disciplined and conservative underwriting; downside risk assessment and protection; and vendor motivation.
  • Our independent research is critical to sound investment decision making.
  • Agellan has had extensive contacts within the brokerage, development and investment banking industry across North America, which is a primary source of product. Our prior trading history keeps the intermediaries attentive to our acquisition program. In addition, we act swiftly and with certainty with respect to off-market opportunities – which is key.

Acquisition Screening Process